One of my favorite ways to start the year is reviewing the videos and pictures of the Couture shows, its like a new year and we are already starting it by having amazing fashion moments full of drama, the most luxurious and precious dresses, top models, fabulous street styles and the creme de la creme of the fashion world.

Viktor & Rolf


Viktor & Rolf are always one of my faves cause i like a theatrical fashion show and certainly they gave us drama with this, i didn’t knew if they were ballerinas or models wearing the draped dresses and leotard hybrids created from specially treated latex.

Both explained their idea of not knowing what’s skin and what’s clothing using latex.

How crazy is that, when you think in latex you think in some kinky sexual stuff but they managed to transform latex in gorgeous romantic-sexy and expensive dresses.

(I researched the models were actual ballet dancer members of the Dutch National Ballet)

Closer look of the latex dress
Atelier Versace
Donatella inspiration was Grace Jones and her iconic hoods. “She left a sign as a strong, powerful woman, a power goddess,” Donatella said of Jones before the show. “I wanted to embody that.”
I liked it it was very Versace you know for those rich and young sophisticated women who like to dress sexy, with relaxed silhouettes, draped black silk skirts, cocktail dresses and  red carpet dresses with with bare legs flashing.
One of my favorites of course for the theatrical and also for that kind of old school fashion inspired in the past gowns, i loved how each look had a different character in my opinion from Napoleon-ish to a beautiful princess to a gorgeous (editorial) peasant (i know I’m getting crazy now)
Silk gazer cloud sleeved jackets and trailing silk chiffon and ruffled skirts in bonbon pastel shades.
This time the maison were inspired by the opera and the animal kingdom this collection had so many beautiful stuff and they honored the couture word with pieces made of cashmere, dyed feathers and tulle that took from 300 hours to 550 hours to do it by hand.
Cashmere, dyed feathers and tulle .

Detail of the “Madame Butterfly” feather cape at Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2014, which took 550 hours to fabricate.

 Zuhair Murad


This collection was all about blooming flowers (how romantic) from white to black and pastel colors, Zuhair did the classic over the top couture (my favorites) with embellishments, lace and sequins which in my opinion is very him.
I love everything from him, his clothes are romantic and make a woman look and feel like a something out of this world or era.
Pastel dresses cinched with gold leaf-shaped belts and the finale wedding gown was made of 25,000 floral appliqués.
Christian Dior
Girls in strapless sequined dresses (very Raf Simons for Dior) but this time i really liked it, a lot of beautiful cutwork and layered cut-out shapes. Raf says his inspiration was a woman’s private sphere.
Some pieces were beautifully embroidered with beading, my favorite ones had frames with dreamscapes (a staircase leading to a Garden of Paradise and a woman on top of a planet).
Gorgeous job Raf.
A lot of sportiness, embellished skater knee and elbow pads, crop tops, leggings, button-down jumpsuits and cycling shorts in sparkly lace.
Some pieces were very Chanel and true to the firm with this sport-club inspiration, that we heart fans of the fashion house liked but in general the idea of the sneakers with couture didn’t made me jump in my seat of joy , the sneakers materials are beautiful but the general kind of the sneaker were too 90’s and not in a good way.
I mean its Chanel so i didn’t disliked it but not a total fan of this one.Image
By Diego Ibañez


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